Hello, I’m a Graphic design & Communication student with a slightly obsessive relationship towards glyphs, type areas, negative space, justifications & hyphenations. The fascination extends to the golden ratio, disciplined and slowly developed handcraft and the scent of newly cut paper. Send me a letter whether you want a job done, have questions or just wants to say hi.
I like letters.

Linnea Anckers

Latest Works


Education, working experiences and engagements beyond.

Linköpings University

Graphic design & communication
2013 - 2016

Three year bachelor program at Linköpings Universitet. Includes printed, digital and interaction design but also business economics and marketing.

Södertörn University


A course in typography and fontdesign at Södertörns Högskola. The course is a thoroughly introduction to the fundamentals of creating typefaces and how to use microtypography.


2012 - 2013

Two courses in illustration at Forsbergs. Gives an insight in how to think when illustrating, where to find ideas and how to use different illustration tecniques.


Marketing Assistant

The production of printed and digital media at the telecom company TDC. Comprised mainly instructions, invitations and presentations both B2B and B2C.


Graphic design
2013 - 2016

Making posters, books, websites and invitations among other things to develop my work and get the most out of the education.

Student Commitments

Linköpings University
2013 - 2016

Art Director in the student committees Trappan, Tryckbar and Kindergarden. Involvment in the making of the exam catalogue EX14.